If your credit score could use polishing, Credit Sesame wants to help you figure out where to begin.

What Credit Sesame can do for you

Credit Sesame offers you access to your credit score totally for free. And that’s just the start.

They’ll also monitor your credit and give you personalized recommendations on which bills you should pay off first and what other steps you can take to raise your credit score.

Plus, they’ll make sure your credit isn’t being hurt by mistakes in your credit report. You’d be surprised how often those can pop up — according to the Federal Trade Commission, one in five credit reports contains errors.

Finding and correcting credit errors is just one way Credit Sesame can put you on a path toward a higher credit score.

What Credit Sesame users say

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Credit Sesame users typically see improvement in their credit scores within six months.

That happened to Keith from Long Island, who started using Credit Sesame when his credit score was hovering around 500 — not good. With Credit Sesame’s help, Keith’s score is now in the mid 600s, and he expects to hit 700 very soon.

Thanks to his new higher credit score, Keith is looking forward to finding a better job and renting a nicer apartment.

Another user, from Galloway, Ohio, boasts: “My credit score went from a 'don't even ask' score of 286 to a 'how much do you need' score of 723 within 9 months. I recommend Credit Sesame to ANYONE who needs help.”

While most people won’t see their credit scores shoot up by 437 points(!), the majority of Credit Sesame users do see an increase in their scores during the first six months.

If your credit score is down in the dumps, Credit Sesame will help you organize your bills and will match you with credit opportunities that can build your credit back up.

It’s not magic — but it is pretty awesome.

The best part is, it’s completely free. You can sign up for Credit Sesame in just three minutes, with no credit card required.