Some of the most stressful wedding planning steps come from budgeting, picking a day, and more. Whether you’re in the middle of planning, just got engaged, or are mentally preparing for a future wedding, use these resources to plan the perfect wedding.

1. The best and worst days to get married in 2020 based on weather

The best way to plan for the unpredictable is to get as close to perfect as possible. Nobody can predict the weather, and nobody wants a wedding day that’s too hot, too cold, rainy, or stormy.

The Black Tux took historical weather data from different cities in the U.S. to determine the best and worst days to get married. If you want to avoid bad weather and live in one of these cities, use this guide as a way to pick your wedding date.

2. The ultimate guide to the wedding budget

You can’t plan a wedding without a budget. Well, technically you can, but you’re either going to run out of money or rack up debt by doing so.

Brides created a great budget breakdown for weddings, so if you need to know how much you need to spend on your cake, decor, and more, use this resource. This way, you can ensure you aren’t spending too much money.

3. A tool to pick the perfect color palette for your wedding

The WeddingWire color palette generator is made specifically for weddings.

By picking a season, a primary color, and the palette, you’ll have the perfect color scheme to match the feel of your wedding. Color palettes are extremely important if you want a wedding that fits your aesthetic.

4. A helpful wedding dress timeline

Purchasing a wedding dress takes most people way more effort than you would expect.

If you’d like to put a lot of thought into finding the perfect dress AND make sure it makes it to you in time for the wedding, use this timeline to see the steps you need to be taking to ensure wedding dress perfection — and yes, there is a printable checklist.

While these are just a few resources you can use to plan your wedding, there are tons more out there. From finding credible venues to the best wedding menus, you aren’t alone in the planning process. Don’t worry, the internet has got you covered. Good luck with your planning.