Full pricing comparison by category

Our analysis found that the total cart balance for all 50 identical items was 10.37% cheaper if purchased from Walmart instead of Amazon.

Home goods

Out of the 10 items that fell under the “home goods” umbrella, the total cart balance was 32.66% cheaper at Walmart compared to Amazon.

Kitchen and appliances

Amongst the 10 products in the “kitchen and appliances” category, Walmart’s total cart balance was 20.66% cheaper than Amazon.


The total cart balance for miscellaneous items at Walmart was 16.30% cheaper than Amazon.

Technology and entertainment

For the 10 identical technology and entertainment items, Walmart’s total cart balance was 4.92% cheaper than Amazon’s.

Food and beverage

The total cart balance for 10 food and beverage items found at Walmart was 22.51% more expensive at Walmart compared to Amazon’s cart balance.


The data featured in this report was collected directly from the websites of Walmart and Amazon. The 50 items that were compared were exactly the same on each site in style, quantity, and model. For Walmart, the “in-store” price was used and for Amazon, the cheapest price specified on the site was used.

After all the products were compiled, we were able to calculate the price difference of each product. In order to determine these results, the formula was designed as follows:

Price Difference = (Price of Amazon Product – Price of Walmart Product) / Price of Walmart Product

The calculation was then multiplied by 100 which resulted in the percentage. It is important to note that these prices are not fixed and are subject to fluctuation between the current time and the time the study was published. Additionally, shipping costs were not accounted for nor were Amazon Prime-specific bundles or deals. No discounts from credit cards used were included either, including the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card, the Amazon Store Card, the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, or any others.

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