To find the best rate on your vehicle policy, you should be shopping around every six months. Don’t just fork over your premium — whatever it is — the next time your renewal bill arrives, but gather rates from at least three insurers and compare them.

We know that sounds like a lot of work, but the savings are worth it.

And luckily, there are companies like Assurance which, in just minutes, will show you multiple quotes online and put you in touch with insurers that can save you a bundle.

How Assurance helps you save

How much you pay for your insurance depends on lots of factors, like your age, the age of your car, its safety features, where you live, whether you’re married, even your credit score.

And obviously, your driving record plays a big role. Have you had tickets? Accidents — even if they weren’t your fault?

Assurance will take all of that stuff into account and help you find the best insurance company for your situation — with the lowest possible rate. You’ll be steered to a policy that will save you money every way you can.

You’ll find an insurer that can offer great discounts to help bring your cost way down, so you might find yourself laughing at the idea of anyone paying $2,000 or more for car insurance.

Grab every possible discount

elegant woman putting on safety belt in her car
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There's even a car insurance discount if you always wear your seat belt.

Did you know there’s a discount if your car has air bags? Or daytime running lights? (What car doesn’t have those now?)

You might also save if you buy homeowners insurance from the same insurer and bundle the policies together, or if you hold a certain type of job. (Some insurance companies give teachers a break on their premiums.)

There are discounts if you drive a newer vehicle, or if you have a clean driving record, or if you take a “defensive driver” class to brush up your skills. Just wearing your seat belt might lower your premium.

In other words, there are loads of discounts, and new ones are popping up all the time. But don’t worry, because the insurance companies who work with Assurance will help you get every price cut you’re entitled to.

Start saving today

Yes, car insurance can be a major expense, so don’t ever, ever pay a penny more than you should. Car ownership is costly enough, when you think about car payments, fuel costs, maintenance and repairs.

So shop around for your insurance, because you might be shocked to see how much less you can pay by switching to another company.

Check out Assurance today and put the brakes on paying too much for your car insurance.