If we all could accomplish our dreams of retiring in a tropical paradise, we probably would. Unfortunately, for many of us, that isn’t an option, especially when the majority of retirement savings accounts amount to over $600,000. We certainly don’t want to spend our entire savings on taking out a mortgage or rent, so we look for the best places to settle that won’t break our savings.

Luckily, instead of calculating the cost of living ourselves, there are plenty of resources to use to find the best places to retire. Coventry Direct recently published a list of the most wallet-friendly cities to retire in based on the 10-year cost of living, the difference between average retirement savings and cost of living, average rent and mortgages, flights, and the retired population currently living in each city.

To see the rankings, keep on reading.

  1. Buffalo, New York

With a low average monthly rent and mortgage, a high population of retirees already settled down, and a low 10-year cost of living, Buffalo finds itself ranked as the most wallet-friendly city to retire in. While many may think that Buffalo is the opposite of the tropical paradise they’re looking for (and we can’t argue that it isn’t), there are plenty of things to do in Buffalo that make living there worth it.

  1. Louisville, Kentucky

Go Cardinals, am I right? Louisville ranked as the second most wallet-friendly city to retire in based on Coventry Direct’s rankings. In Louisville, you’re most likely to have the largest difference in retirement savings and the cost of living compared to any other city. This gives you plenty of extra cash to spend as you please (although, please don’t blow it on unnecessary things). Louisville is a great city for sports fans, and if you don’t like the harsh climate of the north, it’s a great place to live in.

  1. Saint Louis

Saint Louis, just like Louisville, is another great sports city. With all the free time you have from retirement, why not go watch a Blues game, who were the most recent Stanley Cup Champions? Saint Louis is ranked just below Louisville in terms of greatest difference, so it’s another great option for not spending too much money on living.

In addition to these three cities, there are plenty of other cities ranked as well. Here are the rest of the rankings, up to 10 (including ties):

  • Cleveland
  • Detroit
  • Milwaukee
  • Indianapolis
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Kansas City, Missouri
  • Pittsburgh
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Oklahoma City
  • Cincinnati

You can see the individual factors that make up the affordability of these cities as well as the rest of the cities included in the rankings on the study’s main page, which is linked above.

Whether you’re planning on retiring in 5 years, 10 years, or 40 years, you should always start to plan ahead of time. You don’t want to blow your retirement funds too quickly. Finding a great place to live that is affordable can be tough, especially when you want to be near family. As long as you’re diligent with your savings, you’ll be fine.